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Since 1992 Aboriginal Business Network has been providing services to First Nations, Aboriginal Organizations, Public Sector organizations and private interests to assist them meeting their consulting needs.

Our team of experienced professionals has been engaged in key projects over the past twenty years, both in their capacity working with Aboriginal Business Network and in their professional capacity working for other firms and organizations.  We are a very experienced firm with a number of specialties borne out of years and years of business project experience.

Today the firm is focused on a number of key areas providing services to a vast array of clients including:

First Nation’s Services

o     Negotiations and Negotiations Advice;

o     Claims Support;

o     Operational Reviews;

o     Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies and Business Plans;

o     Economic Development and Community Development Plans;

Strategic Planning;

Governance Workshops and Chief and Council Orientation;

o   Cost-Benefit Analysis;

o   Engagement, Consultation and Accommodation Protocols;

o   Impact Benefit Agreements;

o   Technology Reviews;

o   Communication Strategies;

o   Funding Applications;

o   Electoral Codes and Election Services;

o   Project Financing; and

o   Project Management

Private Sector and Government Services

o   Operational Review;

o   Project Management;

o   Due Diligence;

o   Engagement and Accommodation Services;

o   Project Financing;

o   Operational Reviews;

o   Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies and Business Plans;

o   Economic Development and Community Development Plans; and

o   Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation Support Services.

If you have other specific needs we have additional resources that we can call upon to support us in meeting the specific requirements our your project. 

With more than 75 years of collective consulting and senior management experience  we would be very pleased to sit down and discuss your specific project requirements.

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