G. Wayne Greer

President, Aboriginal Business Network

Primarily responsible for all aspects of the growth and development of the business including strategic direction, client relations and quality control. This firm has built on my previous experiences with First Nations and Aboriginal clients at both KPMG and Ernst & Young allows us to continue to provide my clients with key services that they request including:

  • Consultation advice including designing accommodation frameworks to assist both First Nations and corporations understand how they can work together on business initiatives that have an impact on First Nations or their traditional territory
  • Negotiations advice and assistance and acting as the Lead Negotiator for clients
  • Strategic planning services including designing and implementing strategic planning workshops for clients
  • Operational reviews, which examine aspects of the First Nations business activities and make recommendations on how to improve operations
  • Governance training
  • Economic analysis and cost-benefit analysis including reports for Arbitration, Mediation, Specific and Special Claims
  • Business plans and related documentation
  • Project Management and Financing Related to Energy Projects
  • Other project financing and due diligence
  • Contract negotiations
  • Proposal writing
  • Community planning
  • Policies and procedure including financial, human resources, operational and governance
  • Election services including Election Codes, acting as the Electoral Officer for First Nation elections or conducting referendums on behalf of a First Nation

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